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NewsCoaster Version 1.47
(c)1999-2001 Mark Harman


Requirements What you need!
Installation Getting started

Introduction What are newsgroups?
Configuration Getting Started
Fetching and Reading News
Writing and Posting News
Killfiles Ignoring people you don't like..
Exporting and Viewing Files MIME types, etc.

Netiquette Important!
Acronyms What they mean
Public Newsservers A list of some freely available NNTP servers

Menus Reference
ARexx Commands NewsCoaster's ARexx port
Frequently Asked Questions Please read before asking me questions

Copyright How NewsCoaster may be distributed
Credits Who's responsible for this program?
History What's new in this version
Future And what's to come!
MUI MUI and additional custom classes were used for this program

Check out the NewsCoaster website!

I have now set up a mailing list for NewsCoaster announcements - please visit if you wish to hear about new versions.