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Please run the installer script to install NewsCoaster onto your system.

Run NewsCoaster by doubleclicking on the 'NewsCoaster' icon in the folder also called 'NewsCoaster'. You may also run NewsCoaster from a Shell, but a large stack is needed (preferably 100000 bytes at least).

No assigns are necessary to get NewsCoaster working, but note that NewsCoaster automatically sets up the assign NewsCoaster: pointing to its home directory, and NewsCoasterData: pointing to the current user directory - you shouldn't need to worry about this.

Manual Installation:

Copy the NewsCoaster folder to wherever you like on your hard disk.

If you do not have any of the MUI custom classes on your system, then copy the relevant files from the MUI/ drawer into MUI:Libs/MUI/ on your system.

Note that calling NewsCoaster with the 'DATA' option from the command line no longer works - you can choose to store news messages whereever you like now, with the new users options.