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NewsCoaster requires:
68020 CPU or better
Hard Disk Space - approximately half a megabyte for install, lots more for storing news items
OS3.0 or above
Probably about 4 MB Free RAM (Recommended minimum)
An Internet connection with TCP/IP stack

BetterString.mcc, TextEditor.mcc and NList.mcc are also required by the program, but these are included in the archive, and automatically installed. TextEditor must be at least version 15.7 if you wish to use the rot13 decode feature. NListtree.mcc is required if you wish to use the tree views (either for groups, or threaded messages display).

NewsCoaster also works fine with UAE (just enable BSDSockets emulation). Versions previous to 1.38 had a problem with extremely slow network access, but this has now been fixed.