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New for version 1.47: (5.12.1 - *BETA*)
- Find Text option for the View window (at long last!)
- Choose which columns to display for the message list and search window ('Lists' under
Program Settings).
- Sorting of messages in search window results (click on a column, as with the main
messages window).
- Search window updates better to reflect changes to displayed messages (eg, if a
message is deleted it will be removed, or if moved to another folder you can still
display it).
- Popup "help bubble" for message list displays info. on the currently selected
- Popup "help bubble" for group list displays info. on the currently displayed group.
- Various minor MIME and message parsing improvements/fixes.
- More sensible sorting on statistics list for "By Person" (ignores quotes, etc).
- Bug fix; leaving stray ascii '0's in message text when saving/viewing the raw text of
the entire message, that weren't in the original message.
- Bug fix; downloading body of messages in 'deleted' (or outgoing/sent if you decided
to copy them there..) didn't work.
- Bug fix; sizes of some attachments in list were one byte too big.
- Bug fix; was marking all uuencoded files as "text/plain" - should work out MIMEType
from filename extension.
- Bug fix; new killfiles entered wouldn't work until NewsCoaster was restarted.
- Bug fix; clicking sort messages by size resulted in sorting by number of lines in

New for version 1.46: (27.11.1 - *BETA*)
- Groups Manager menu option - displays the groups manager for the default newsserver.
- Switch back to storing temporary files on disk, so as to not waste RAM; will make the
location an option in future.
- New 'Lines' column.
- Bug fix; if the user aborts whilst downloading the message body, should not delete
the message header!

New for version 1.45: (21.11.1 - *BETA*)
- Option (on by default) to delete message header automatically if you try to download
the body and it's no longer available (ie, in online mode).
- New 'View Header' menu option under 'Messages' which will display the header; if
you haven't yet downloaded the body for the message, it won't attempt to do so.
- If mime type is multipart/alternative, still list all parts on the attachments page.
- Fix some problems when/when not to append .sig; also the first .sig is used as the
default when creating a new message that isn't initially to any specified group.
- Store temporary files in RAM: instead of the newscoaster folder.
- Bug fix; if name of uuencoded file had a space in it, only the first word would be
used as the default filename when you saved it.
- Bug fix; possible illegal overwriting of memory when some parts of code dealt with
messages with long lines.
- Bug fix; if the system crashes/resets whilst downloading, we should make sure that
next time we download for the group, we switch to checking for message duplicates
again (and do so until we're up to date with the group again).
- Bug fix; illegal memory accessing when viewing messages with attachments!
- Bug fix; quoted-printable decoding wasn't working properly.
- Bug fix; if appearance type was set to 'Plain Text', newly opened messages were still
displayed in 'Email Format'.

New for version 1.44: (11.11.1 - *BETA*)
- Improved speed of reading in the newsgroups list to the Groups Manager.
- Got rid of 'Write List' and 'Sort List' options from Groups Manager; groups are now
sorted by default before being displayed.
- New 'System Information' menu option which outputs a text file containing some
information about your system - useful to send to me when reporting a bug.
- Bug fix; Security Hole - escape characters are now stripped from downloaded text (see for more details).
- Bug fix; 'Previous in Thread' option didn't work in threaded view mode.
- Bug fix; the 'Export' menu option on the View Message window was opening the old
version of the export message code.
- Bug fix; When downloading bodies of messages (online mode) that were very small, part
of the "X-NewsCoaster-Flag-Online: yes" text would appear in the message.
- Bug fix; using 'View/Save UUEncoded Attachment' then meant using 'View/Save
Attachment' on the message would stop working, until you reopened the window.
- Bug fix; Groups Manager wasn't displaying 'y' or 'n' flag to indicate moderation
status of group.

New for version 1.43: (10.11.1 - *BETA*)
- When downloading, only read in indices of a group if we actually need to check
messages for duplicates.
- Improved performance when checking messages against killfile whilst downloading.
- Bug fix; possible stupid infinite loop when downloading message bodies (online mode)
in v1.42.
- Bug fix; menu option 'Mark as Normal/Important' didn't write changes to disk!

New for version 1.42: (6.11.1 - *BETA*)
- Possible minor speed improvements.
- Uninlined a function since it seemed to be confusing compiler.
- Bug fix; killfile was working incorrectly in v1.41!

New for version 1.41: (4.11.1 - *BETA*)
- New menu option to delete all read messages in a group.
- New menu option to select all read or unread messages in a group.
- Menu option when viewing messages to toggle between some/all headers.
- Group name shown in bold if it contains unread messages.
- 'Archive Group' now exports in a standard mailbox format.
- Faster copying/moving/deleting.
- Slight speed improvement for 'Statistics'.
- Minor speed improvement when logging is not enabled.
- Bug fix; didn't jump to first unread message in 'threaded' view.
- Bug fix; underestimated cps readout (particularly in 'online' mode).
- Bug fix; various problems when downloading in online mode.

New for version 1.40: (16.7.1 - *BETA*)
- Display author/subject of messages when downloading.
- Bug fixes to do with MIME type popups.
- Bug fix; hang when downloading some (rare) messages.

New for version 1.39: (29.6.1 - *BETA*)
- Rewritten message parsing routines - now should cope with some rare MIME messages
properly, that before did not display.
- Bug fix; when displaying messages found in a search.

New for version 1.38: (23.4.1 - *BETA*)
- Changing of message flags (if you read an unread message, or mark/unmark as
important) gets written to the index straight away (and much more quickly).
- Bug fix; up/downloading no longer goes slow in WinUAE v0.8.8r8 onwards (and possible
minor speed improvements for older versions and real Amigas too).

New for version 1.37 (19.4.1 - *BETA*)
- New menu option "Change Date To Current" - changes dates of selected outgoing
messages to the current date.
- 'User Info' no longer nags you to register:)
- NewsCoaster now warns if you reply to an old message (>90 days old).
- Bug fix; messages sometimes didn't thread properly
- Bug fix; 'standard' icon had stack set only to 40000 bytes (and wasn't even a
standard icon..)
- Bug fix; 'threaded' messages view displayed random characters in the list.

New for version 1.36 (21.1.1 - *BETA*)
- Total number of messages, and number of unread messages displayed in titlebar.
- Bug fix; enforcer hit when messages with long subject lines were marked as
- Bug fix; messages didn't thread if the references line spilled over to the next line.
- Bug fix; timezone ignored when sorting messages in v1.35.
- Bug fix; hang if downloading message with ASCII 0 char (rare).
- Bug fix; various minor memory leaks.
- Gone back to pre-v1.33 method of reading indices (slower, but hopefully more stable)

New for version 1.35 (3.12.00 - *BETA*)
- Current directory is remembered on ASL requesters.
- 'Save' menu option when writing messages to save the message without closing the
- If you are writing messages and quit the program, you will be asked if you wish to
save those messages.
- Rest of application goes 'to sleep' when showing certain windows (eg, asking to
select a newsgroup to move/copy to).
- Bug fix; it was possible to edit the same message twice in v1.34.
- Bug fix; trying to send a message without subject caused message to cancel in v1.34.
- Bug fix; signatures cycle gadget didn't work in v1.34.
- Bug fix; references got lost in v1.34 after saving an edited message.
- Bug fix; possible illegal memory access when reading/writing indices

New for version 1.34: (14.11.00 - *BETA*)
- Multiple 'Write' Windows.
- Things don't get so 'sluggish' when downloading.
- 'Get Groups' and 'Get New Groups' menu items return (they download for the default
- Group Manager behaves more sensibly; writing and redownloading group list refers to
the newsserver whose groups you are currently viewing.
- Bug fix; 'Abort' didn't work when importing messages.
- Bug fix; 'permanently deleting' all messages in a group sometimes would take ages or
wouldn't work.
- Bug fix; if you aborted when downloading a message body (online viewing), downloading
any more gave 'No Longer Available' errors, until you reconnected to the newsserver.
- Bug fix; memory leak and possible illegal memory access when cancelling a message.
- Possible bug fixes for crashes on some systems?

New for version 1.33: (8.10.00 - *BETA*)
- Multiple newsservers.
- Significantly faster index reading (*much* faster reading when downloading, searching
- Faster writing of indices.
- Doesn't delay for so long when you finish writing a message.
- Marking messages as Important/Normal in the 'View' window is much quicker.
- NListtree.mcc used for 'tree' views instead of Listtree.mcc (still a bit buggy
- HTML only messages are converted to text.
- Deleting all online messages is quicker.
- 'Sv: ' recognised as meaning 'Re: '.
- Recognises messages with repeated 'Re :' or 'Sv: ' at start, and treats them as
having the same subject where relevant (eg, sorting, searching).
- Remembers setting for message viewing ('Email Format' or 'Plain Text').
- If a folder doesn't contain an index file for whatever reason, a new (empty) one is
- Toolbar buttons no longer 'flicker' between enabled/disabled.
- Other minor speed improvements.
- Bug fix; 'Permanently Delete' submenu disabled when it shouldn't have been.
- Bug fix; permanently deleting all messages in all newsgroups didn't work.
- Bug fix; can abort downloading whilst halfway downloading a message (before
NewsCoaster would only abort between messages, oops).
- Bug fix; NewsCoaster hanged when downloading message with empty body.
- Bug fix; crashed when replying to messages with subject line > 1024 chars.
- Bug fix; downloading online message bodies had stopped working
- Bug fix; if the last message on a newsgroup was killed/duplicate/not available, then
NewsCoaster would try to download it each time you went to fetch news (whilst it was
still the last).
- Bug fix; related to composing messages with attachments.
- Bug fix; on rare occasions, part of header would appear in the body section.

New for version 1.32: (18.6.00)
- Can now specify alternative name and/or email address for each newsgroup
- Option to delete all 'online' messages that you haven't yet downloaded the body for.
- Can mark message as Important/Normal from the View window menus.
- Option to 'Cancel' messages
- Can connect to newsserver on any port (not just 119).
- When choosing to edit a message, you don't see the text formatting taking place
- Sender as well as Subject displayed on message window titles.
- Bug fix; on very rare posts, downloading would hang.
- Bug fix; downloading message bodies (online mode) failed on rare occasions.
- Fixed various (minor) stupid bugs.
- Please note my new email address; will not work
after 17 July!

New for version 1.31: (27.05.00)
- Bug fix; killfile wasn't working in v1.30!

New for version 1.30: (8.5.00)
- Customised attributation line
- When exporting, ascii 13 characters no longer appear in header like they did in v1.29
- If folders have somehow been deleted on hard disk, but not in NewsCoaster, they are
now automatically recreated on startup
- Article ID displayed in status when messages are killed/duplicates
- Patch introduced for prefs bug (see known bugs, above)
- Bug fix; signatures were getting lost!
- Bug fix; possible small problem when downloading messages online
- Bug fix; bugs in 'Update Groups'
- Bug fix; if you deleted messages with 'Del/Next' on a View window, and another View
window was open displaying the same message, it didn't get closed.
- Bug fix; multi-line subjects were trunctuated if they contained a ':'

New for version 1.29: (18.4.00)
- Faster downloading!
- Bug fix; the text on the View window 'Previous' button had disappeared!

New for version 1.28: (16.4.00)
- Option to disable confirmation requester when deleting messages
- 'Write grouplist' on the groups manager is now disabled if viewing new newsgroups!
- Downloading new groups doesn't display list if no new groups are found
- Bug fix; newlines were being placed into the logfile when logging was disabled

New for version 1.27: (17.02.2000)
- View windows now have their own menu
- Rot13 decoding menu option when viewing messages (req. TextEditor.mcc v15.7)
- Can export an author's name/email address to YAM's addressbook
- Can optionally specify an 'Organization'
- Options are now 'disabled' a lot more when they aren't available (as opposed to
displaying a 'you can't do this' requester
- Downloading message bodies whilst downloading/uploading other messages is now allowed
- You can now edit and create folders whilst downloading/uploading
- You can now read messages, etc, when downloading news in 'online' mode
- 'Fetch New Groups' now displays a list of the new groups
- ARexx commands added for fetching and sending news
- New 'Advanced Settings' option for newsgroups; provides option to automatically add
an 'Approved:' header, for newsgroup moderators
- Bug fix; 'Previous in Thread' didn't always work
- Bug fix; incorrect charset / encoding specified when using ascii characters > 127
- Bug fix; message not quoted when followingup in rare cases
- Bug fix; changing the ordering of the folder list whilst downloading messages caused
- Bug fix regarding MIME viewer preferences
- Bug fix; copying messages to the same folder now works properly (ie, duplicates them)

New for version 1.26: (6.2.00)
- Faster downloading (possibly up to 35% or more, though this is on a fast connection -
I suspect modems will experience smaller increases)
- Downloading group list is much faster (about 25 times faster on my very fast
connection - modems will experience smaller increases)
- Multiple view windows! (must be enabled from Prefs if upgrading from older version)
(they also behave more sensibly, eg if you switch to a different folder, you can
read from the old folder by doing Prev/Next on the view window)
- Doubleclick on a message in the search window immediately opens the message without
need to change the current folder
- Option to read timezone from Locale preferences
- 'Shortcuts' removed on the requesters for Permenant Deleting of all messages (either
in one or all groups) - just to be safe!
- Folder list displays whether the newsgroup is online or offline reading
- Priority is set to -2 when downloading to try to avoid slowdown of any other programs
that are running (if not already lower)
- Bug fix; the 'x-no-archive : yes, only if following up to a message with that header'
didn't work (it never put the header in)
- Bug fix; some SMTP servers require a correct email address to send from - you can now
specify this in the Preferences

New for version 1.25: (23.1.00)
- When downloading news, searching, performing statistics, etc, the currently viewed
folder no longer changes (this also makes things faster)
- Messages can now be viewed as 'threads' in a tree - note this is experimental and
doesn't work too well atm.. ('View' menu under 'Messages')
- Doubleclicking works on the 'tree' view for the grouplist. Drag 'n' drop sorting also
works (but not too well atm)
- Messages marked as 'important' aren't deleted by the 'auto delete after x days'
- Included an updated version of TextEditor.mcc in the archive (though this updated
isn't required, v15.5 works fine still)
- 'Cancel' buttons have shortcut changed from 'c' to 'a', since Amiga-c is copy in
string gadgets of course
- Bug fix; aborting 'Update Index' / 'Update All Indices' now works again
- Bug fix; 'Update All Indices' read from each group in turn, but each time overwrote
the index file of the first group
- Bug fix; v1.24 would truncuate messageIDs at 64 chars when sticking in the
'References' line on a followup.
- Bug fix; group list was sorted alphabetically automatically upon loading
- Bug fix; message count wasn't updated immediately when downloading news, or after
composing a message
- Bug fix; 'permenant delete' displayed errors (when there weren't any)
- Bug fix; index wasn't updated properly if followingup a message in 'outgoing' (not
that you would, but..)
- Bug fix relating to headers which took more than one line

New for version 1.24: (16.1.00)
- Groups list can now be viewed either as a list or a tree (the latter is fairly simple
atm, though - doubleclicks and dragsorting don't work), go to 'View' menu under
- Sorting type of messages is now saved
- Option to trace back through the thread (will not function on messages
downloaded with a version previous to v1.24)
- Undelete option (will not function correctly on messages downloaded with a
version previous to v1.24)
- Deleting messages is quicker
- Option to 'permanently delete' messages (messages are deleted straight away
rather than copied to 'deleted', but this method is much quicker) - either selected
messages, all messages in a group, or all messages in all groups
- Option to mark messages as 'Important' - these messages are highlighted
- Messages that have been downloaded in online mode, and the body has not yet
been downloaded, are marked with a '*'.
- When downloading, status window displays newsgroup currently being
- Bug fix; if the body of a message wasn't found, the file opened for message was
not deleted, and left 'Open'
- Reports that some other newsreaders interpret 2 digit dates as being in the 1900s
- NewsCoaster now outputs 4 digit years (NewsCoaster has itself always assumed
two digit dates of less that 78 to be in the 2000s).

New for version 1.23:
- Multiple users allowed, each with their own location for storing news, and
optional password protection
- Specify different newsservers for posting and reading
- Last used settings for expire type/time on killfiles are remembered and used as
- Toolbar buttons are disabled when appropriate (and some menuitems too)
- Bug fix; hang whilst parsing dates

New for version 1.22:
- Index reading *much* faster (about 2.5-3.0 times:)
- Sizes of messages displayed (only for messages downloaded from now on)
- New Logging Option - virtually all function calls logged to 'newscoaster.log' if you
wish (shouldn't be used in general, but if you are experiencing bugs/crashes,
sending a log will make things a lot easier for me:)
- Bug fix; dates were parsed incorrectly in rare circumstances
- Bug fix; enforcer hit when an empty message is composed

New for version 1.21:
- Bug fix; random characters sometimes appeared at end of messages written by the

New for version 1.20:
- Wordwrapping on quoted text is set to a longer line length than on new text
- A Killfile can be set to expire a certain number of days either since being created,
or since it was last used
- Killfiles editor now works a bit more intuitively
- Killfiles editor displays creation and last used dates of each killfile
- Option to archive newsgroup messages into a single text file
- More resistance to crashes (before if there was a crash between having
downloaded, and before quitting, vital information would not get saved meaning
next time you downloaded, the old messages would be overwritten! There were
other similar problems.
Now this information is saved immediately after downloading, and other vital
Additionally, even if something still messes up, messages should now never
overwrite existing files.
- Slight improvement in speed when downloading bodies of articles in online mode
- Repeated clicking on column headings switches order of sorting
- Bug fix; crashes related to online viewing
- Bug fix; autorewrap sometimes didn't work correctly
- Bug fix; the line below 'References:' in the header was ignored in some
- Bug fix; headers which have line breaks in are now parsed correctly
- Bug fix; enforcer hit when downloading news
- Other minor improvements

New for version 1.19:
- Faster downloading! (Possibly up to 2x speed on a fast connection)
- Online viewing - NB This is *EXPERIMENTAL* and may have a few bugs in it..
- Option to discard messages after a certain number of days
- Select All/None/Toggle/With From/With Subject option
- Rot13 encoding option (decoding to follow..)
- Other minor improvements and bug fixes

New for version 1.18:
- Bug fixes; under some circumstances, NewsCoaster would crash upon downloading
certain messages
- Other minor improvements and bug fixes

New for version 1.17:
- New 'supersede message' item, to overwrite your old posts on a newsserver
- New statistics feature!
- Better multithreading when download news; items appear as soon as they are
downloaded; you can delete messages whilst downloading too
- Option to download news for the currently selected newsgroup
- Very simple ARexx port (more commands to come!)
- Doubleclick on URLs to launch in a browser (via external ARexx script)
- Can now locate news messages elsewhere (ie, doesn't have to be in
NewsCoaster folder)
- Copying to the same folder (ie, to duplicate message) is now allowed
- Slightly faster moving/copying/deleting routines
- Hopefully a bug fix in moving/deleting for some systems
- Other minor improvements

New for version 1.16:
- Configurable colours for Message View window :)
- Can configure which headers are to be displayed
- Toolbar on main window

New for version 1.15:
- Bug fix - corrupted messages downloaded when a killfile was used, or messages
duplicate messageIDs found
- Bug fix - dates may have been written incorrectly when posting messages using a
machine with non-English language

New for version 1.14:
- Faster downloading.
- Improved searching - in headers, body or entire message.
- New option to add to the killfile based on a message (eg, kill on author,
etc), to make creating new killfiles much easier and quicker.
- Option to reset article pointers in newsgroups.
- Option to read in text from a file into the message you are writing.
- Option to read in signature from file.
- Bug fix - duplicate messageIDs weren't always being ignored.
- Bug fix for dates on machines with non-English languages (you must select
Index' on you newsgroups for this to take effect on old messages).
- Aborting during move/copy/delete messages now works.
- Option to update all indices. You can also abort updating an index, too.
- Faster moving/deleting routines.
- Other minor bug fixes and improvements.

New for version 1.13 (7.8.99):
- Bug fix - when downloading from groups, in rare cases the article ID information
was parsed incorrectly.
- Group list is now not automatically sorted, allowing you to rearrange them as
you wish (though you can do a sort if you wish)
- Bug fix - now when you change the ordering of the groups list, NewsCoaster
doesn't reread in the messages for groups unnecessarily.
- Faster copying/moving/deleting routines.

Version 1.12 (2.8.99):
- New killfile - will detect a number given as the last word in Subject, eg, 'Make
lots of money 1206' Such numbers usually indicate an advert or other off-topic
announcement. You can now tell NewsCoaster to avoid these (when the number is
100 or greater).
- Recognises '|' as a quoting character (before was just '>', ':' and '!')
- Bug fix when copying from a view window and pasting into a write window

New for Version 1.11 (29.7.99):
- Added 'Deleted' folder
- Added button on View window to delete current message and move onto next
- When a new message is created, the folder no longer changes to 'Outgoing' (thus
speeding things up, too)
- Move/Copy doesn't require a folder change to the destination folder (speeding up
things again)

Version 1.1 (23.7.99):
- Email SMTP support! You can now reply to authors by email aswell as or instead
following up messages
- Search facilities
- 'Pop up' window on Write window to easily add/remove newsgroups to post and
followup to
- Recognition of 'Followup-To: poster'
- Move and Copy messages to any folder
- Colours for quoted text have been set to something more sensible (no pink! -
configurable colours will hopefully follow shortly..)
- Fixed Authentification bug
- Fixed Move bugs when sending messages
- Changed shortcut of 'Close Window' on View window from 'c' to 'w', so you can
text! (oops..)
- Left and right cursor keys now move between messages on View window

Version 1.01 (14.7.99) - Fixed fatal MIME Prefs bug, faster index reading times,
removed 'welcome' requester for registered users

Version 1.0 (6.7.99) - First public non-beta release

Beta History

4.7.99: Fixed problems with MIME Types preferences, added Amigaguide
fixed fatal bug in View window, made other minor changes
2.7.99: Fixed date problems on machines using non-English languages, improved
attachment features, removed fatal bug (doubleclicking on view message
12.6.99: Stack increased to fix crashing bug (whoops)
11.6.99: Rewritten 'Fetch News' routine - should now work with all newsservers,
Killfile on any header, fixed multithreading when fetching news, base64
encoded attachments (experimental! - may contain bugs), x-no-archive
31.5.99: NewIcons (thanks to Luca Longone) added, clearer error messages given,
30.5.99: Too-long Header bug fixed, Number of messages displayed in groups list,
messages in group count
29.5.99: Export/Followup bug removed, new 'Lines' killfile added, other bugs fixed,
Iconify option
28.5.99: All Known Enforcer hits fixed, References bug fixed, .sigs bug fixed
27.5.99: First beta release