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NewsCoaster was written by Mark Harman in C++. Development began on an A1200/030 with OS3.0, but is now carried out entirely on WinUAE, now running OS3.9.

Thanks go to:

Alan Graham for suggesting the name NewsCoaster;
Luca Longone for the NewIcons, bug reports and suggestions;
Grzegorz Kraszewski for supplying ARexx scripts to make use of Polish charsets;
Stephen Graham for supplying most of the acronyms list;
Thomas Csadek, Olivier Fabre, Dave Fisher, Markus Goettler, Pam Jones, Jari
Karjalainen, Piotr Kompa, Michael Luense, Jim Maciorowski, Bernd Rakel, Javier de
las Rivas, Richard Tapp for bug reports, suggestions, etc.
(and others - apologies to anyone I haven't mentioned, I've had a lot of people
write to me Let me know if I've forgotten you!)

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