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1. Initial Problems

1.1 Help! NewsCoaster doesn't run at all!

NewsCoaster needs a stack of at least 100000 bytes to run. If running from Workbench, trying selecting 'Info' on the icon, and making sure that the stack is set this high. If running from a Shell, run the command 'stack 100000' before hand. If running from some launcher utility, look in the settings/docs to see how to set the stack for an application. In the latter case, does NewsCoaster run from Workbench?

1.2 Nope, it still doesn't work!

NewsCoaster needs MUI, version 3.8 minimum, along with the MUI custom classes BetterString, TextEditor and NList. Check out Aminet for these if you haven't got them. Also, make sure you have plenty of RAM free (4MB minimum free, or thereabouts), and are running at least OS3.0, with a 68020 CPU or greater.