29.June.2003 A project for NewsCoaster is now available on Please check there for latest binary and source code releases. Please contact me if you wish to join as a developer!
2.April.2002 The NewsCoaster source code has been released under the GPL - you can now download the source to version 1.50. I'll stick it on Aminet at a later date.
7.December.2001 Updated the documentation for version 1.47. Also improved my AmigaGuide to HTML converter for the online version - URLs are now hyperlinked, '<', '>', '&' are converted to HTML equivalents using the ampersand, and fixed a bug where an '@' symbols not being used for AmigaGuide formatting caused text to be missed out.
17.November.2001 Reorganised the Download page into a table which should hopefully make it clearer what's what.
13.November.2001 Documentation now online. This is automatically converted to HTML from the AmigaGuide documentation, so don't expect anything too pretty ;) (it uses my own converter since I couldn't find one on Aminet that seemed to work properly..)
11.November.2001 Version 1.44 put online here; this version fixes the security hole mentioned below.
11.November.2001 There's a security hole in NewsCoaster on systems that have APIPE: or similar pipe devices installed. See for details (this affects just about any MUI based Internet program). I have fixed this, watch out for v1.44 to be released shortly. In the meantime, disable APIPE: or any similar devices if you have them.
25.September.2000 Finally got round to updating this webpage! And after a long wait, version 1.33 of NewsCoaster should be out soon.
2.March.2000 Please email me ( if you wish to hear of new releases - even if you are already on my mailing list! Unfortunately I have lost a lot of the details. Yes, on Friday 25th February, I awoke to find my hard disk completely corrupted :( Do not fear - from a combination of backups, manual scanning of the hard disk, and data recovery programs, I have managed to piece together NewsCoaster, and now have it just as it was (I hope!) before the crash. But my database of registered users and mailing list details have been lost (I have reverted to a backup a few weeks old, and have the emails of most of the people who emailed me up until a few weeks ago). So if you want to hear of new NewsCoaster releases, please write :)
10.February.2000 Online Ordering now available!
4.September.1999 Now up to version 1.15; this website updated
23.July.1999 Version 1.1 released
6.July.1999 Version 1.0 released, this website opened
Beta Releases History
4.July.1999 Fixed problems with MIME Types preferences, added Amigaguide documentation, fixed fatal bug in View window, made other minor changes
2.July.1999 Fixed date problems on machines using non-English languages, improved attachment features, removed fatal bug (doubleclicking on view message window)
12.June.1999 Stack increased to fix crashing bug (whoops)
11.June.1999 Rewritten 'Fetch News' routine - should now work with all newsservers, killfile on any header, fixed multithreading when fetching news, base64 encoded attachments (experimental! - may contain bugs), x-no-archive option
31.May.1999 NewIcons (thanks to Luca Longone) added, clearer error messages given
30.May.1999 Too-long Header bug fixed, Number of messages displayed in groups list, messages in group count
29.May.1999 Export/Followup bug removed, new 'Lines' killfile added, other bugs fixed, iconify option
28.May.1999 All Known Enforcer hits fixed, References bug fixed, .sigs bug fixed
27.May.1999 First beta release