NewsCoaster files are now available from, please go there for the latest version. The latest version should also always be available on Aminet in comm/news ( newscoaster.lha, and the source code under newscoastersrc.lha.

Older versions are still available on this page..

NewsCoaster Versions - Source - Toolbar Images

The Full Versions come with all the required MUI classes and NewsCoaster documentation. The Update Versions come with no documentation, and BetterString.mcc, TextEditor.mcc, NList.mcc, NListtree.mcc and Toolbar.mcc are not included.

If for some reason you want a version other than those listed here, please contact me and I will send it to you if I can.

Version Type Readme Location
Latest Full Archive Readme Aminet ( comm/news/newscoaster.lha )
1.55 Full Archive Readme Tripod
1.54 Full Archive Readme Tripod
1.49 Update Readme Tripod
1.44 Update Readme Tripod
1.40 Update Readme Tripod
Keyfile For versions 1.35 and earlier Readme Aminet ( comm/news/newscoasterkey.lha )
1.32 Update Readme Tripod
1.31 Update Readme Tripod
1.29 Update - Tripod
1.27 Update Readme Tripod
1.25 Update Readme Tripod
1.23 Update Readme Tripod
1.22 Update - Tripod
1.19 Update Readme Tripod
1.18 Update Readme Tripod


Here you can download the source code which is released under the GPL.

Version Readme Location
Latest Readme Aminet ( comm/news/newscoastersrc.lha )
1.50 Readme Tripod

Toolbar Icons

To use these, drop the contents of the archive (should be a 'main.toolbar' and 'main_G.toolbar' file) into the 'icons' folder inside the NewsCoaster folder. You must have v1.49 or above for this to work.

All of these have been created by others - if you've created any and what me to add them to the list, please email them to me.

Created By Dimensions of Each Button Palette Size
Jules (supplied as standard in v1.50 onwards) 31x26 16 colours
Jules 32x32 256 colours
Martin Merz 24x24 256 colours