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(screenshots taken from v1.50)
This is the main window; newgroups are listed down the left (either with the full name, or a shortened version if you prefer), and the messages in the right listview.

To the right, the Preferences window where you set all the details for your account. Personal information, newsservers, signatures, external programs to view MIME attachments and more can all be set up here. To the bottom-left is where you can edit settings for an individual newsgroup.

The window for viewing messages. Quoted text is coloured (along with bolds, italics, underlines and colours for *,/,_,# - though this can be turned off so as not to make comp.sys.amiga.programmer and the like unreadable:) Quoted-Printable text is automatically translated. The 'Add Killfile' window is also shown here - bored of the current thread?

The window for writing messages. Quoted text is automatically rewrapped to your current linelength, if you wish, to avoid overspilling unsightly quoted text that you see so often on newgroups. The rewrapping is quite intelligent, not rewrapping places where it thinks the user intending to place a line break (so lists, .sigs and so on won't be wrapped). (Already quoted text is not wrapped, due to possible ambiguities.) Your .sig is automatically entered, and can be easily changed. You can easily 'rot13' some of your text. The other pages allow you to add attachments, change your name / email for this message only, and specify Follow-Ups. You can either Send to Queue, Postpone for later editing, or Cancel of course.