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NewsCoaster is shareware! Limitations of the unregistered version are:

Registration costs 10UKP, and involves me sending you a keyfile which will remove the above limitations. Alternatively, I will accept 17USD (cash only for USD).

To register, please send your email address and 10UKP (make cheques payable to Mark Harman; cash sent at your own risk) or 17USD to:

Mark Harman
Trinity Hall

Please make sure you include my name in the address, otherwise it will not reach me! You can also email me at if you have any queries.

Please specify your email address of course for me to send to. You will automatically be notified when new versions are released (alternatively I can post via disk, but in this case you must also include a blank disk for me, and this option will be a *lot* slower than email).

New versions of NewsCoaster will be compatible with the keyfiles, so you only have to register once for all future upgrades (you must download the new versions yourself, of course).

Distribution of keyfiles is illegal! Each keyfile is individually personalised, so I will be able to track down where pirated keyfiles have originated from. Additionally, NewsCoaster will insert a special code into the X-Newsreader header of each message sent, identifying whether it is a registered version, and if so, what the ID number of the keyfile is - so if I see anyone posting to c.s.a.misc using an email / name that doesn't match up to the keyfile they are using, then they'd better watch out...