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Future (as of v1.34 - later versions may have these implemented)

- Multithreaded TCP code.
- Use of multiple sockets.
- Add any arbitrary header to messages.
- Quicker displaying, exporting and replying of messages with large attachments.
- Faster index reading/writing - also avoid problem where Unread/Replied-to flags are lost if
  NewsCoaster crashes before switching folders or quitting.
- Multiple 'Edit Newsgroup' windows.
- Multiple 'New Newsgroup' windows.
- Multiple 'Group Manager' windows.
- Allow multiposting of messages instead of crossposting.
- 'Change Subject' option.
- Handling of different language/charset ISOs.
- Launch external editor for writing messages.
- Launch external editor for editing .sigs.
- Store .sigs in separate text files instead of the .prefs file.