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The top area shows the important headers, below that is the message body. You can resize the size of these two areas by clicking on the line dividing them, and dragging up or down.

Followup/Reply: Post a followup to the newsgroup and/or reply via email to this message. You will be asked which you wish to do, and then the Write window is opened.

Add to Killfile: Creates an entry in your killfile based on this message.

Email/Plain Cycle Gadget: In 'Email Format', the characters *, /, _, # and > are taken to represent bold, italics, underline, colour and quoted respectively. Sometimes, these characters may be used to mean different things (in particular, if someone posts source code). Selecting 'Plain Text' displays the raw text of the message without converting.

Previous Message: Go to the previous message in this newsgroup (in terms of the current sorting, as displayed in the Main window.

Previous in Thread Moves to the previous message in this thread, ie, the message which the current message is replying to. If this button is disabled (or disables when you select it), it means either it is a new message, or the previous message was not downloaded, was deleted, or was downloaded with a version of NewsCoaster prior to version 1.24.

Delete/Next: Deletes this message (ie, moves to the Deleted folder) and then moves to the next message in this newsgroup.

Next Message: Go to the next message in this newsgroup (in terms of the current sorting, as displayed in the Main window.

Some additional options are available via the menu:

@("b"}Message Menu

Export: Export this message. See here for details.

Export Address to YAM: Export the author's name and email address to YAM's address book, if you have it installed.

Mark As Normal / Important: Sets the importance flag for this message. 'Important' messages are highlighted in the messages list, and are not automatically deleted by the auto-expire function.

Toggle All/Standard Headers: Toggles between displaying All of the Headers, or those designated as 'Standard', for this message only.

@("b"}Edit Menu

Find in Message: Opens up the Find Text sub-window, which allows you to search through the body of the current message for text, with or without case sensitivity. Note that only the text as displayed in the window is searched, as opposed to the 'raw' form of the message, or any headers or non-displayed attachments.

Find Next: Finds the next occurance of the text you entered into the Find Text window.

Copy: Copies the selected text to the clip board.

Rot13 Decode: Rot13s the selected text - this means each letter is cycled through the alphabet by 13 letters. This is sometimes used on newsgroups as a way of hiding information - for example, the answer to a puzzle or joke. That way, you only see the answer when you want to. Note that this requires TextEditor.mcc version 15.7 or greater, since otherwise you cannot select any text.

@("b"}Attachments Menu

And then some menu options for use with the Attachments tab..

@("b"}View Attachment (or doubleclick on an entry): Views the selected attachment, using a program according to your preferences (see the MIME page under Program Settings).

@("b"}Save Attachment: Saves the selected attachment to a file.

@("b"}View UUEncoded Attachment: UUEncoded attachments should be detected automatically by NewsCoaster - in this case, there'll be a separate entry for it in the list, and you shouldn't need to use this option. If however there is a uuencoded file and for some reason NewsCoaster doesn't list this file, then select the attachment (that is, the attachment that when viewed displays the unencoded file), and use this menu option to force it to recognise as a uuencoded file.

@("b"}Save UUEncoded Attachment: As View UUEncoded Attachment, but saves it to a file instead.