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Here you can quickly search through all folders for messages. Simply select the newsgroup(s) you wish to search from the list (select more than one by holding down Shift), then use the Cycle gadget to select where you wish to search in, and enter the text you wish to search for below that (the search is a substring one). Select whether you want a case-sensitive search or not. Click on 'Start Search', and the results will be displayed in the list at the bottom. Doubleclick on an entry to highlight it on the main window.

If you select a header to search in (ie, anything other than 'Header', 'Message Body' and 'Entire Message'), then NewsCoaster will make use of the internal indices. Note that this means that headers will be truncuated at some length (128 chars for MessageID, 64 chars for subject, and 32 chars for the other headers), so anything beyond this length will not be search.

If you select 'Header', then the entire header will be searched (including the header field names, eg, searching for 'From' in the header will return all messages searched!) 'Message Body' searches after the header (including attachments), and 'Entire Message' searches the entire raw text of the message. Note that these last three options are much slower than searching in specific headers, since NewsCoaster needs to scan each message individually.