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Contains additional settings for the newsgroup.

'Approved' Header: If you are a moderator for a newsgroup, it is necessary to post messages with an 'Approved' header. Tick this box, and enter in the necessary text if you wish this to be done. eg, if you ticked the box and entered 'myemailaddress', the following line would be entered in all messages that you post (or crosspose) to this newsgroup:

Approved: myemailaddress

Alternative Name: If you set an alternative name, then this will be used as the default for your name if you post or followup to this newsgroup.

Alternative Email: As above, but for your email address.

Newsserver: Which newsserver to use to download messages from this newsgroup. 'Default' means that your default newsserver will be used (as specified in Program Settings). Otherwise, you can specify the newsserver directly, out of the ones you have entered into Program Settings.